MOAI Project

by Enrique Plazaola

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The MOAI Project is telling the tale of the culture of the Rapa Nui on Easter Island. The songtexts are about the myths, stories and traditions of the indigenous people.


released April 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Enrique Plazaola Jerez, Spain

I was born on the 6th of December 1966 in Göttingen, Germany. My father was a German, my mother is Chilean. With the age of 7, I began to take me first instrumental lessons – at first the accordeon, later the piano. Later I studied at the university of Dortmund, took lessons for the jazz piano with Julius Styczinski and in arrangement with Betin Günes. ... more

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Track Name: MOAI
He ́s got no ahu, he ́s got no place to be,
doomed to stay at rano raraku.
I ́d like to give him a pukao and the name of an ariki, for me he ́s worth it to be a Superstar of stone.
The time has come to reveal his face,
and show the world the person that I praise.

Just put your hands on my MOAI
do you feel the mana entering your heart? Just put your hands on my MOAI
and believe me he will never break apart.

There were countless quite hard windy nights countless strikes on dark cold stone,
my aching battered hands stroking his face at the end it was a reasonable price to pay. The time has come to reveal his face
to show the world the person that I praise.
Track Name: Tell Me Again
Verse I
I remember your voice whispering to me
between your lips a cigarette
all the names of Headmen, Heroes and their Sons
that I can’t forget.

How I wished to see your face
in this uncommonly place,
remembering the good old days.
How i wished to dream those dreams
to feel you near me by those means
that´s why I go to extremes

Tell me again these old stories when Hotu Matuá reached the island on a boat
Tell me again about those glorious fighters who tried to get this egg
Tell me again….

Verse II
I´ve been waiting so long to hear something from you
now the night has come,
I remember your eyes looking towards the sky
sometimes you sang and hummed.
Track Name: Wonderful Island
Verse I
Very early in the morning
at my favorite place on Orongo,
I am watching the horizon
where the waves are kissing the sun.
And if I had a boat
I would sail around
and if I had wings I would fly around,
yes so close to the sky,
yes I feel so free
the beauty of the island has put a spell on me.

Now in this moment so silent I love this wonderful island.

Verse II
My thoughts fly away to those Ancients
who sailed thousands of miles on the sea.
They came from far away landing at Anakena Bay
to discover the beauty of this paradise.

Now in this moment of silence I love this wonderful island.
Track Name: Mister Birdman
Verse I
Your Hopu climbed down the mountain
and he swam to Moto Nui,
waiting for this one moment
to be the first to catch this egg

The incarnation of Makemake
brought you to the Sooty Tern,
making you the chosen man
Ao’s path is made for you.

Mister Birdman
tell me Mr. Birdman
how does it feel to be the first?
Hey Mr. Birdman
that’s your way Mr. Birdman
now you know you have to be alone, be alone

Mister Birdman…

Verse II
They shaved your body and painted your skin
on your way to Mataveri,
you`re so lucky to be favoured by him
you`ll be buried at Ahu Orohie.

Now it´s your turn to be the number one
your name will never be forgotten,
you will never die because
this magic power has come to you.
Track Name: Shelter Me
Verse I
I remember how it used to be
we gave them food, we gave them drinks,
we offered dinner to our invisible guests
to appease their minds, giving them our best
I remember how it used to be.

One! Two! I can see you!
Tell me who you are
Lord, the naked truth crossing my way.

Shelter me the ghosts are out again,
take care of me `cause I won ́t feel the pain.
Shelter me I don ́t know where to go
Please save me my hero Raraku.

Verse II
We were afraid of breaking a tabu
We were afraid of dark cold nights,
Father will they come to get us?
Brother will they come to kill us?
Are Moai Kava Kava hanging on the wall?

Part C
Two males sleeping by the way
Lying in the grass, skinny and pale.
They were so ugly, unable to see
their reflected image of wood.
Track Name: Ana O Keke
Verse I
On your way to the cavern
you looked towards the sky to catch some last sun rays
oh, you tried not to waver
just one wrong step and you would die (for their favour)

Hidden to keep your skin pale,
this was your destiny

Verse II
This is Ana O Keke
you have heard a thousand stories about this place
this is Ana O Keke
so many virgins who followed her fate

You were prepared to appear at the Birdman´s party
(and) your beauty was your destiny
oh girl you were prepared to suit their fancy
it seemed that the darkness would never end

Verse III
On your way to the cavern
with the howling wind and the strong surf below
This is Ana O Keke
and on these rocks lies your tale of woe
Track Name: Kai Kai
Verse I
Do you remember Kia Kia, Amo Moenga, Oho Hero?
Do you remember all of those figures and of all those stories too?
Let us play kai kai, let us play kai kai.
Foot and hand, then hand and foot, let me hear the Native Rhythm
spread your fingers, come on girl Hakahiti (show) just for me,
let us play kai kai, let us play kai kai.

Let us start the game Oho, to keep it in mind.

Verse II
Use your lips, and teeth, and toes, show us the next picture
do you remember all of those melodies and Pata’u ta’u?
let us play kai kai, let us play kai kai.

Let us start the game

I want to understand the deeper meaning of this poetry,
I want to learn more about this old forgotten vocabulary.
Just one finger on the top and another underneath
a connection to this invisible world,
Just one finger on the top and another underneath
That´s the way to tell the story and fix the words.

Come on little girl let us keep the legend alive
and bring the past to the present now

Pata’u ta u
Kia-Kia Kia-Kia
tari ra u ku-mara
i te ehu-ehu
i te ka pua pua
ya ya te ahi
turo kia kia
ha vea vea
ire kate manu
ha ha ha ha
vere taku kava
ina a va i o te e
Track Name: A Million Miles Away
Verse I

Are we here alone? Our Universe
see’s no further than the Sun.
Will we ever solve hidden secrets?
Will we ever understand?

Are we just stupid and don’t understand,
the signs that you left us to trace?
Are we so blind that we don’t see the truth,
brought by you from outer space?

Can you see me from your unknown planet?
Can you hear the things I say?
Did you ever lighten up our darkness?
Have you ever been to Earth?

A million miles away, yeah,
Tell me if you will return.
We watch the Milky Way, yeah,
is there something we can learn?
Are you the Gods from Outer Space?
Good or Evil?
And can we trust you?

Verse II
If I searched the Skies for trails of brightness,
would I know that you’d arrived?
Would you welcome me inside your spaceship?
Would you take me for a ride?

A million miles away, yeah, tell me if you will return?
We watch the Milky Way, yeah,
is there something we can learn?
Are you the Gods from Outer Space?
Good or Evil?
A thousand years before Mankind.

Verse III
What we know, we just imagine,
who can tell us the truth?
Are you really Supernatural,
or Ancient Sons of the world?

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